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Pre- TSP Informational Meetings



The informational meeting for the boys competitive program occurred on Thursday, April 26th.  
You can view a recording of the webinar here.

Download our USDA/Boys ECNL Webinar here

Review the Boys ECNL FAQs!

Program Philosophy

Our Carolina Rapids player development philosophy is to create an engaging, positive, competitive and learning environment for our players, coaches and supporters (parents).  We are committed to providing our players with the best opportunity to achieve their potential as a player while focusing primarily on the development of our player’s talent and character.

Age Groups Tryout Dates

Tryout DatesBirth Year/Age GroupsTryoutTimeTryout Location
May 9th
2003s, 2002s, 2001s, 2000s (16s-19s)
field 5
All ages at Matthews Sportsplex
2006s, 2005s, 2004s (13s-15s)7:30-9:00
field 7 
May 10th2003s, 2002s, 2001s, 2000s (16s-19s)5:30-7:00All ages at Bailey Road Park
2006s, 2005s, 2004s (13s-15s) 7:15-8:30  
May 15th2003s, 2002s, 2001s, 2000s (16s-19s)
All ages at Bradford Park
2006s, 2005s, 2004s (13s-15s)  7:15-8:30  

  • If you are Located on the South side, we only expect you to attend the session at Matthews Sports Plex on Wednesday, May 9th.
  • If you are Located on the North side, we only expect you to attend the session at Bailey Road Park on Thursday, May 10th.
  • After the May 9th and 10th sessions, we will be making cuts and the players will be invited back to the May 15th sessions at Bradford Park.
  • Players are more than welcome to attend both session on May 9 and 10
  • We wish everyone the best of luck at tryouts this season

When you register, select "2018-2019 Competitive Program"
If you have already signed up for tryouts in order to attend USDA sessions (boys), there is no need to sign up again for tryouts!  Your registration will be transferred over to the ECNL and regular age group tryouts.


Age GroupCoach
'05 (14s)Bobby Rosario
'04 (15s)Bobby Rosario
'03 (16s) Jonas Richardson
'02 (17s)Jonas Richardson
'00/'01 (18/19s)Rupert de los Reyes


We're excited to be participating in the Mid-Atlantic Conference for the 2018-2019 season.  This is one of six conferences spanning the country next season and includes 8 top clubs.

  • BRYC Elite Academy
  • Carolina Rapids
  • Carolina Elite Soccer Academy
  • McLean YSA
  • North Carolina Fusion
  • North Carolina FC Youth
  • South Carolina United
  • Wilmington Hammerheads

College Information Webinar

Did you miss the college info webinar? You can still get the great information - watch the recording here!

Program Details

Age GroupRoster SizeTraining SessionsSeason
2006 (U13)18-203-4/week August-November and January-June 
2005 (U14)18-203-4/week  August-November and January-June 
2004 (U15)18-203-4/week  November-June 
2003 (U16)18-203-4/week  November-June  
2002 (U17)18-20 3-4/week  November-June  
2000/2001 (U18/19)18-203-4/week  November-June  

Press Release

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