Charlotte Independence Soccer Club




As many of you are aware, on June 4th the Carolina Rapids will be hosting our very first Women’s Premier Soccer League game.  The team kicks off our inaugural season with a home game against the Greensboro Dynamo, 5:00 at Hough High School Stadium.

The team, consisting of some of the top college players from our region, has been training for the last 3 weeks in preparation for the season opener.   Recently the group has announced 3 captains for the season, Kelly Flanders, Kendall Fischlein, and Megan Roberson.

Kelly Flanders

Kelly started playing for the club at the age of 4, and after a very successful youth career, has moved on to star at Appalachian State. “Kelly has been instrumental in the start up of our WPSL team. She’s been a great source to bounce ideas off of, while also helping attract former Rapids players to the team this summer,” said Ray Fumo, Girls Director and coach of the WPSL team.

Kendall Fischlein

Kendall who is currently playing collegiately at Wake Forest decided to join the Rapids because it “is perfect for keeping my touches sharp along with maintaining my fitness level. It is very competitive and I am looking most to improve my overall game by competing at a high level. The first couple of weeks have already been great! The intensity is high, the staff has been wonderful and it is always great to reconnect with old teammates or even opponents you have played against before.”

Megan Roberson

Megan is a recent graduate from Appalachian State and new addition to the club, not just on our WPSL team, but also in a full time role in the office and will be coaching our U11 and U12 Gold teams this year!  “Since I just finished my career at Appalachian State, I felt playing on the team would allow me to continue playing at a high level and meet different players from around our region.  It is awesome to see how talented the girls on the team are, especially the players I haven’t played against in the past 4 years.  I also love to push the players who have so much potential because I felt like that is one way I got better while I was playing in college.  The first couple weeks have been full of a lot of fun and intensity.  Getting to know a number of new players and the way they play has provided me with challenges, and it’s great to see different players thrive in different situations.”

The players are also excited to get to work with the many youth players at the club next week at the WPSL camp.  Knowing how what it takes to be a successful player Megan stated “My message to young soccer players is in order to get better, you have to work hard.  Some players are gifted naturally, and others work their tails off to get to where they are, but I’ve learned that coaches would much rather have hard working players.  I would also say to push those around you.  For me, I always demanded a lot out of my teammates because I knew the potential they had.  It wasn’t always the most popular opinion, but my teammates knew that I wanted to be successful and I would do what was in my control to help my team.  Lastly and most importantly, I love soccer because I have fun.  Even on those days when I had to be up at 6 am to lift weights and go to practice, I still look back and think of something great about those times and all of wonderful memories I made.”  Kendall then added “ I remember when I was younger I always looked forward to watching the older girls play. Whether it be a college game or just the older club team's at training. Now, that the roles are reversed it is so cool to have these young girls playing and training right beside our practices. They get to be right up in the action and I hope to provide quality soccer for them to watch and learn from to help them become better players in the future!  My biggest advice to them would be to never quit. It is a lot of commitment and hard work but if you truly love and are passionate about the sport, all of the time, weekends and other sacrifices being made will be so worth it in the end.”

Please come out and support Kelly, Megan, Kendall and all of the other girls on our WPSL team!