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WPSL Press Release

December 16, 2015

Carolina Rapids Soccer Club Announces Membership in WPSL – Carolina Lady Rapids

Contact: Ray Fumo    [email protected]       

Cornelius, NC

Carolina Rapids Soccer Club is delighted to announce our membership in the Women’s Premier Soccer League starting 2016.

The Women's Premier Soccer League is an independent highly competitive national league whose main focus is on the development of highly competitive premier women's soccer teams. The League has over 70 teams participating from all over the United States. The Women’s Premier Soccer League is the official Division 2 status in the country. 

This is a significant step for our girls program at the Carolina Rapids.  WPSL teams roster college, post-college, foreign players and talented high school players every year; this is not a youth program.  The team will be comprised of the top talent in the Greater Charlotte Area and will play their home games locally.

The WPSL also makes every effort to bring quality soccer to all levels of the community and to promote the stature of female athletes as role models for our youth. Through the years, the league has had many national open and amateur cup victories.

The team will be officially called the Carolina Lady Rapids.

  The WPSL mission statement:

  • Promotion and development of independent women's soccer at the highest level.
  • Provide a playing opportunity for the elite women soccer players to play at the highest level.
  • All are dedicated to the success of the league as a whole as well as to their own success, recognizing that they cannot long succeed individually without the league succeeding.
  • Make every effort to bring quality soccer to all levels of the community and to youth programs.
  • Promotion of stature of female athlete as role models for the youth.

For more information on the WPSL League, please visit 

“We are pleased to add the Carolina Lady Rapids into the Women’s Premier Soccer League.  Given the talent in the area and their commitment towards player development, the Carolina Rapids was a natural fit for our league to expand”.  Jerry Zanelli, WPSL Commissioner

“We are very excited about the opportunity to join the WPSL!  Playing for the Lady Rapids should instantly become a goal for all of our youth players.  It will also provide an opportunity for some of our current senior players and college players to compete and improve during the summer months.  This will further extend the pathway for our female players beyond U18 and the youth game.”  Ray Fumo, Girls Director of Coaching and Player Development

“We’re excited to bring this new program to our community and are looking forward to the wonderful role the Lady Rapids will play in the dreams of the young ladies in our youth program.  From interaction at our clinics, camps, training and games, the Lady Rapids will be a wonderful voice for our clubs values.” Thomas Finlay, Executive Director

Information on Player signings and player selections, etc. will be announced soon.  Stay tuned!

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