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Calendar Year Changes Beginning in Fall 2016

Our Soccer Club is a member of many governing soccer bodies, including NCYSA, US Youth, US Club, USASA, WPSL and ultimately US Soccer Federation.  Due to new initiatives on Birth Year registration by US Soccer, this coming year, teams will be formed using a different birth year cutoff.  Up until now, competitive players are selected at tryouts based upon an August to July cutoff.  Beginning with tryouts this spring, teams will be formed using a January to December birth year cutoff. 

Birth year registration means a player will play in the age group of the year of their birth. The birth year calendar dates run from January 1st to December 31st. For example, if you are born between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31 1999, you will play in the 1999 birth-year age group. If you are born between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31 2002, you will play in 2002 birth-year age group.

Please click here to see the age group chart for next year’s soccer season 2019-2020

There is much debate about the new player initiatives and it will definitely bring change to the soccer landscape.  We understand the impact it will have at the club on our team selection process this coming year as well as recognize the effect that it will have on the current teams.

Our approach to player evaluation will be exactly the same as well as our approach to player selection.  The only difference is the pool from which your child is normally part of will be different – by approximately 50%.   We believe players need to play with players of similar abilities to maximize their development, creating an environment that challenges all players in the best possible soccer environment.  This does not change with the birth year initiatives; our philosophy continues within new parameters.

As we embrace the fact of the new initiatives and understand the impact on our players, we have been busy behind the scenes planning for the transitional period. 

We are in a strong position to navigate this change with our members:

  • We have a strong philosophy and organizational structure to support it
  • We believe strongly in our club-wide curriculum
  • We hold our whole club to training standards and expectations
  • We have strong oversight and management of our players, teams and programs
  • We have always had a strong history of pool training, cross team/age group training and management of player registration
  • We have a good grasp on the management of player movement within teams and age groups
  • We have depth in our age groups and programs to allow players’ natural playing abilities to be accommodated. 

We have been waiting on final position statements from our governing bodies to develop strategies to reduce any anxiety caused by the upcoming changes. You can expect to see the following measures taken by the club in the coming months:

  • Coaching Staff education sessions starting Feb 10 and 11, 2016 designed to equip the staff to answer your questions and to facilitate the club wide transition to birth year registration
  • The coaching staff will arrange for a team meeting after one of your first few games of the spring season to bring the team up to speed
  •  We will hold Parent Education sessions to clearly outline the upcoming changes for season 2016/2017. These sessions will be a great opportunity to address questions & concerns. Check out the schedule for these meetings and come out to learn more!
  •  We will begin periodic birth year training sessions throughout this spring season.

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