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Girls' Program Recap, Fall 2014

January 6, 2015 - Success at Disney!

During the holidays our 97 Girls Burgundy  traveled to one of the top showcase events of the year – The Disney Soccer Showcase Series at the Disney Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida.  This event is attended by some of the best players and teams in the country.  With multiple college coaches on the sidelines, the ladies represented the club very well in their performance on the field.  The girls went as far as the final defeating two of the top 25 teams in the country!

From Coaching Director, Neil Roberts: "We are always pleased to showcase our teams and pleased to have the opportunity to have one of our teams at such a prestigious national event.  The 97 Carolina Rapids Girls Burgundy have worked extremely hard to earn the opportunity and it is great to see them achieve success at such a high level of play.  It truly is a credit to the players, families, and coaching staff of all involved."

November 19, 2014 – Q & A with Girls Coaching Director (Juniors and Seniors), Neil Roberts
The Girls Junior and Senior Programs at the club had another successful season this fall, the list of accomplishments for our teams in these programs continue to impress.  Below are some highlights.

13 Girls Burgundy promoted to Elite Division and has qualified for Region 3 Playoffs, Champions of CASL
13 Girls Blue promoted to Elite Division, Finalists of VLN Kickoff
14 Girls Burgundy promoted to Premier, Champions of Under Armour Cup, Champions of VLN Kickoff
14 Girls Blue, Finalists of Under Armour Cup, Finalists of VLN Kickoff
15 Girls White, Finalists of Charleston Select Shootout
15 Girls Burgundy win their first Kepner Cup State Cup Championship, promoted to Premier
16 Girls Burgundy, Champions of Under Armour Cup, Finalists of VLN Kickoff
17 Girls Blue, Champions of Sheetz Labor Day Shootout
17 Girls Burgundy win their third straight US Youth State Cup Championship.
18 Girls Burgundy, last year’s state champs will see all players place in College programs that want to play.

See full list of team accomplishments here.

We took the opportunity to sit down and ask Girls Coaching Director Neil Roberts some questions.  Below the q&a is a list of State Cup accomplishments the girls program has had over the last ten years.

The girls program has seen two state champions again this year as well as last - what’s the secret to this?
For me, one main reason we have had success in the state cup is certainly due to having excellent players and committed coaches at the club.  We also look at State Cup as a fantastic opportunity to advance in the game.  State Cup is a gateway to further competitive games and opportunities.  I do ask the coaches who attend state cup to get the girls fired up, motivated, and ready for what typically is a chance to play teams again and show how much they have improved over the course of a season.

The girls program is setting new levels each year, 100% going to college to play the last few years - tell us about that?
Each year, over the last 5-7 years, we have been able to educate the players and their families better on the recruiting process.  Our staff has also gained knowledge of what it takes on the field for these female athletes to succeed in college so that helps them prepare them for a bigger future in the game.  Clearly, our success on the field helps as many of our teams qualify regularly for the most nationally recognized showcases in the country.  In the end, we are encouraging and assisting our players in regard to the college game and I think more of them see it as a feasible opportunity than they used to 10 years ago.  The girls are enjoying playing for the Rapids and want to play more.

The girls program has unmatched success the last 10 years, with growth each year.  Can you put words to this?
A lot of this has to do with our club’s commitment to doing the right thing by the players.  The girl’s game is very competitive from club to club and we have grown slowly and steadily through it all.  At the end of the day, I truly believe we are producing and will continue to produce players and people who have core values off the field that transcend into self-discipline, hard work, and commitment on the field.  It is clear that these core traits pay off in the long run.

Has the rapids alliance influenced the performances?
I think so.  We are still in a rather youthful stage in our relationship with the Rapids and the Alliance program.  I do regularly tell people that it is helping our coaching staff and believe that to be true.  Our coaches are more focused and interested in the game and developing the players than they have been in the past.  The implementation of the Rapids Youth Curriculum has given us a common bond which has brought our staff closer when it comes to communication about the game.  All of this translates to better sessions for the players.  It is certainly my continued hope that our female players one day have an opportunity in the W-League whether it be in Colorado or somewhere else in the league.

What’s the future look like?The future is bright for sure.  I only see the Rapids Alliance helping us grow even more.  I have plans to continually look to challenge our players within their age group and across age groups.  Our youngest players are in a very good environment in the Youth Academy system and it seems as though each year provides us with some new U13s that are doing some great things.  As our older players age out and reach the college game, I see us looking to continue to help them develop as well with programs in the off season and summer months.  Once a Rapid, always a Rapid!!!

What are you most proud about as Coaching Director for the U13-U18 Girls at the club?
Tough question!  I am proud of so many things.  The players - for believing in the club and the path we put them on.  The parents - for trusting us with the development of their kids.  The coaches - for their tireless efforts on and off the field with the players and teams.  Our administrative team and leadership group for making the Rapids what they are today.  At the end of the day, I take pure pleasure in seeing the players enjoying their total experience as a Carolina Rapid.

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97 Girls Burgundy US Youth State Champions
99 Girls Burgundy Kepner State Cup Champions

97 Girls Burgundy US Youth State Champions
96 Girls Burgundy US Youth State Champions

95 Girls Red US Youth State Cup Finalists
96 Girls Red US Youth State Cup Finalists
97 Girls Red US Youth State Cup Champions
97 Girls Black Kepner State Cup Final Four 

96 Girls Red US Youth State Cup Final Four
95 Girls Red US Youth State Cup Final Four
94 Girls Red Kepner State Cup Final Four

15 Girls Red US Youth State Cup Finalists
16 Girls Red Presidents State Cup Finalists
18 Girls Red Presidents State Cup Final Four
16 Girls Red Presidents State Cup Final Four
15 Girls Red US Youth State Cup Final Four

91 Girls Red US Youth State Cup Final Four
94 Girls Red Presidents State Cup Final Four

95 Girls Red US Youth State Cup Final Four

93 Girls Red US Youth State Cup Final Four

89 Girls Red Presidents State Cup Champions