Charlotte Independence Soccer Club


This page is a work in progress as we are still finalizing next year's coaching staff, level of play and training schedules!  It will be updated regularly as information becomes available. Thanks for your patience as we work to build out the full list of all teams! The Rapids reserves the right to make coaching assignment changes, as necessary.

North Meck (Serving Huntersville/Cornelius/Davidson)

 USYS Teams
Team Coach  Team Coach
'10/'11 Youth Academy (8/9s)  John Tart
Lee Catchpole
Christian McArthur
James Fonseca
Alec Goettl
Andre Diouf  
  '10/'11 Youth Academy G (8/9s) Emily McMillan
Chris Huddy
Brad Garrett
Maddie Smieja
  '09 Youth Academy G (10s) Kelly Flanders
Brittany Qualkenbush
Devon Bissell
'09 Youth Academy (10s)  Ben Parker
Spencer Morton
Adama Wakai
Chris Wargin 
  '09 Grey G (play 11U) Emily McMillan 
     '08 Grey G (play 12U) Garrett Linquist
'08 Burgundy (11s)  Caz Rafalik   '08 Burgundy G (11s)  Cory Munro 
'08 Blue (11s)   Spencer Morton   '08 Blue G (11s)  John Long
'08 White (11s)   Ryan Santee   '08 White G (11s)  Carson Smith
'08 Gold (11s)  Phil Carey  '07 Grey G (play 13U) Ray Fumo
'07 Burgundy (12s) Mucho Masiyiwa  '07 Burgundy G (12s)  Emily McMillan 
'07 Blue (12s) Megan Roberson  '07 Blue G (12s)  Garrett Linquist 
'07 White (12s) Phil Carey  '07 White G (12s) John Long
'07 Gold (12s) Spencer Morton   
'06 Burgundy (13s) Ryan Santee   '06 Burgundy G (13s) Neil Roberts 
'06 Blue (13s) Christian McArthur   '06 Blue G (13s) Cory Munro 
'06 White (13s) Mucho Masiyiwa  '06 White G (13s) Erin Lykon 
'06 Gold (13s)  Dave Crutchfield      
'05 Burgundy (14s) Rupert de los Reyes   '05 Burgundy G (14s) Neil Roberts 
'05 Blue (14s) Caz Rafalik  '05 Blue G (14s) Carson Smith

  '05 White G (14s) Rob Farr 
'04 OSL (off season team) Christian McArthur  '05 Gold G (14s) Mucho Muchonka  
'04 Burgundy (15s) Kalla Stark   '04 Burgundy G (15s) Kalla Stark 
'04 Blue (15s) Jackson Carneiro   '04 Blue  (15s) John Long
'04 White (15s) Ryan Santee
  '04 White G (15s) Christine Fail 
'03 Burgundy (16s) Caz Rafalik  '03 Burgundy G (16s)
 Kalla Stark
'03 Blue (16s) MLS Ryan Santee  '03 Blue G (16s) Dave Crutchfield
'03 Blue (16s) USL George Margiotis  
'02 Burgundy (17s)
 Dave Crutchfield  '02 Burgundy G (17s)
 Dave Crutchfield
'02 Blue (17s)
 Christian McArthur   '02 Blue G (17s)
 Robb Bolar
'01/'00 Burgundy (18/19s)
 Dave Crutchfield  '01/'00 Burgundy G/Girls ECNL Composite (18/19s)  Michael Johnson

  '01/'00 Blue G (18/19s)  Kalla Stark  

Boys US Development Academy
11 PDA Kevin FlanaganTy Haddock
12sKevin FlanaganTy Haddock
13sJeff Bilyk  
14sJeff Bilyk  
15sKelly Findley  
16/17sKyle Gookins  
18/19sKyle Gookins

'05 (14s)Bobby Rosario
'04 (15s)Bobby Rosario
'03 (16s)Stephen Glass
'02 (17s)Stephen Glass
'00/'01 (18/19s)Rupert de los Reyes 

Girls ECNL
'06 (13s)Ray Fumo
'05 (14s)Jeremy Weeks 
'04 (15s)Jeremy Weeks
'03 (16s)Jeremy Weeks
'02 (17s)Nathan Williams
'00/'01 (18/19s)Nathan Williams

Patrick Foley
Patrick Foley


Team Coach  Team Coach
Youth Academy Tim Hart    
'08 pre-DA (11s) Carlos Martinez       
'07 pre-DA (12s) Carlos Martinez 
'07 Burgundy (12s)  Theo Dipom     
'06 Burgundy (13s) Garrett Vaughan  '06 Burgundy G (13s) Stephen Roe 
'05 Burgundy (14s) Stephen Roe
  '05 Burgundy G (14s) Katie Hadley 
'04 Burgundy (15s) Theo Dipom   '04 Burgundy G (15s) Jeff Jarrett
'03 Burgundy (16s) Nathan Williams   '03 Burgundy G (16s) Pat White 
'03 Blue (16s) Carlos Martinez   '02 Burgundy G (17s)  Pat White  


Team Coach  Team
Youth Academy Pool Coach Nikita Nikolaev  Youth Academy   TBA


Team Coach  Team Coach
Youth Academy Antonio Porretta
Avery Canfield 
  Youth Academy G Scott Wolfe
Zaid Alqutub
'08 Burgundy (11s) Ben Parker  '08 Burgundy G (11s) Katie Gallagher
'07 Burgundy (12s) James McCulloch  '07 Burgundy G (12s) Colin Gibson
'06 Burgundy (13s) Pattrik Linthakhan  '06 Burgundy G (13s) Walter Ortiz
'05 Burgundy (14s) Jacob Ortega     


West (Serving Gastonia, Belmont and Steele Creek)

Coaching staff for Steele Creek
TeamLevel of PlayCoach
2010/2011 (8U/9U) Youth AcademyKenny Jaramillo
Dee Watson
2009 (10U) Youth AcademyKenny Jaramillo
Dee Watson
2008 (11U) W BurgundyNeil Orridge
2007 (12U) W BurgundyRomano Paul
2005 (14U) W BurgundyJared Russ
2004 (15U) W BurgundyDarius Neering
2002 (17U) W BurgundyRomano Paul
2011/2010 (8U/9U) Youth Academy GEmmanuel Kaye
Luis Rueda
2009 (10U) Youth Academy GEmmanuel Kaye
Luis Rueda
2007 (12U) W Burgundy GEfrain Tirado
2005 (14U) W Burgundy GNeil Orridge
2002 (17U) W Burgundy GRomano Paul

Coaching staff for Gaston County

TeamLevel of PlayCoach
2011/2010 (8U/9U) Youth AcademyEfrain Tirado
Craig Meglii
Jeremy Webb
2009 (10U) Youth AcademyEfrain Tirado
Craig Meglii
Jeremy Webb
2008 (11U) W BurgundyJohn Kelly
2008 (11U) W BlueDarius Neering
2007 (12U) W BurgundyEfrain Tirado
2006 (13U) W BurgundyVincent Bofah
2005 (14U) W BurgundyJeff Phillips/Coley Campbell
2004 (15U) W BurgundyJonas Richardson
2004 (15U) W BlueRich Lewandowski
2003 (16U) W BurgundyJoel Webb
2003 (16U) W BlueDave Shearer
2002 (17U) W BurgundyJonny Hoover
2001/2000 (18U/19U) W BurgundyJason Shiflet
2011/2010 (8U/9U) Youth Academy GJeff Phillips
Karis Hoover
Hannah Siders
2009 (10U) Youth Academy GJeff Phillips
Karis Hoover
Hannah Siders
2008 (11U) W Burgundy GJustin Hauck
2007 (12U) W Burgundy GRich Lewandowski
2007 (12U) W Blue GCR Melvin
2006 (13U) W Burgundy GJeff Phillips
2006 (13U) W Blue GSarah Voigt
2005 (14U) W Burgundy GJonny Hoover
2004 (15U) W Burgundy GJonny Hoover
2004 (15U) W Blue GDave Shearer
2003 (16U) W Burgundy GRich Lewandowski
2001/2000 (18U/19U) W Burgundy GSarah Voigt