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North Meck Tryout Schedule for 2018-2019 Season

All players should try to attend both dates for their age group.
Goalkeepers will attend age group sessions. 

Birth YearDatesTimesLocation
'09/'10/'11 (Youth Academy 9U/10U)

Youth Academy In-House
(current Youth Academy or Recreational players)
May 8th, 20185:45pm - 7:00pmRichard Barry Park
'09/'10/'11 (Youth Academy 9U/10U)

Youth Academy In- House
(current Youth Academy or Recreational players)
May 9th, 20185:45pm - 7:00pmRichard Barry Park
'09/'10/'11 (9U/10U)

Youth Academy (not current Rapids players)
May 14th, 2018
5:45pm - 7:00pmBradford Park

Youth Academy (not current Rapids players)
May 14th, 20185:45pm - 7:00pmBailey Road Park
'08 BOYS(11U)
* Includes 11U Pre DA
May 14th, 2018
5:45pm - 7:00pmBradford Park
May 16th, 20185:45pm - 7:00pmBailey Road Park
'08 GIRLS(11U)May 14th, 2018
5:45pm - 7:00pm
Bailey Road Park
May 16th, 20185:45pm - 7:00pmRichard Barry Park
'07 BOYS(12U)May 14th, 20187:15pm- 8:30pmBradford Park
May 16th, 20187:15pm - 8:30pmBailey Road Park
'07 GIRLS(12U)May 15th, 20185:45pm - 7:00pmRichard Barry Park
May 17th, 20185:45pm - 7:00pmBailey Road Park
'06 BOYS(13U)May 22nd, 20185:30pm - 7:00pmBailey Road Park
May 24th, 20185:30pm - 7:00pmBailey Road Park
'06 GIRLS(13U)
ECNL and Competitive Team
May 21st, 2018
(ECNL and Competitive Team)
5:30pm - 7:00pmBailey Road Park
May 23rd, 2018
(Competitive Team Only)
5:30pm - 7:00pmBailey Road Park
'05 BOYS(14U)May 22nd, 20187:30pm - 9:00pmBailey Road Park
May 24th, 20187:30pm - 9:00pmBailey Road Park
'05 GIRLS(14U)May 22nd, 20187:30pm - 9:00pmRichard Barry Park
May 24th, 20187:30pm - 9:00pmRichard Barry Park
'04 BOYS(15U)May 21st, 20185:30pm - 7:00pmBradford Park
May 23rd, 20185:30pm - 7:00pmRichard Barry Park
'04 GIRLS(15U)May 22nd, 20185:30pm - 7:00pmRichard Barry Park
May 24th, 20185:30pm - 7:00pmRichard Barry Park
'03 BOYS(16U)May 22nd, 20185:30pm - 7:00pmRichard Barry Park
May 24th, 20185:30pm - 7:00pmRichard Barry Park
'02 BOYS(17U)May 21st, 20187:30pm - 9:00pmBradford Park
May 23rd, 20187:30pm - 9:00pmRichard Barry Park
'01 BOYS(18U)May 21st, 20187:30pm - 9:00pmBailey Road Park
May 23rd, 20185:30pm - 7:00pmRichard Barry Park
'00 BOYS(19U)May 21st, 20187:30pm - 9:00pmBailey Road Park
May 23rd, 20185:30pm - 7:00pmRichard Barry Park

Tryout Information

Supplemental Tryouts Information

GIRLS Supplemental tryouts for the North Meck '07 and '08 birth years will be held on
Monday, May 21
Bailey Road Park, upper tier
must email Emily McMillan at to attend

Supplemental tryouts for the North Meck Juniors program (11U-14U) will be held on 
May 29th
Richard Barry Park

more supplemental tryout information will be posted soon!

See the schedule for informational meetings and learn more about the Rapids tryouts here


Interested in learning more about the Boys DA or the Boys ECNL?  Check out their pages for information about the programs.

Boys DA

Coaching Staff for 2018-2019

Directors for North Meck Girls

Emily McMillan
: 9U-12U Girls Competitive
Neil Roberts: 13U-14UGirls Competitive
Kalla Stark: 15U-18U Girls Competitive
Nathan Williams: Girls Elite Clubs National League
Stephen Glass: Lady Rapids WPSL 

Directors for North Meck Boys
John Tart: 9U-10U Boys Competitive
Jeff Bilyk: 11U-12U Boys Competitive
Jeff Bilyk: 13U-14U Boys Competitive
Kalla Stark: 15U-18U Boys Competitive
Kevin Flanagan: Boys Elite Clubs National League
Kevin Flanagan: Boys Development Academy

Coaching staff announcements are being built as we have the information.  Assignments are subject to change.
TeamLevel of PlayCoach
2010/2011 (8U/9U)
Youth Academy
 John Tart 
Lee Catchpole  
2009 (10U) 
Youth Academy
 Ben Parker  
2008 (11U) Burgundy Caz Rafalik  
2008 (11U) Blue Spencer Morton  
2008 (11U) White Mucho Masiyiwa  
2008 (11U) Gold
Phil Carey 
2007 (12U) Burgundy Mucho Masiyiwa  
2007 (12U) Blue Megan Roberson  
2007 (12U) White Phil Carey  
2007 (12U) Gold TBA 
2006 (13U) Burgundy Ryan Santee  
2006 (13U) Blue Christian McArthur 
2006 (13U) White TBA 
2005 (14U) Burgundy Rupert de los Reyes  
2005 (14U) Blue Caz Rafalik 
2005 (14U) White Ryan Santee  
2004 OSL (off season) Christian McArthur 
2004 (15U) Burgundy Kalla Stark  
2004 (15U) Blue Jackson Carneiro  
2004 (15U) White TBA 
2003 (16U) Burgundy Caz Rafalik 
2003 (16U) Blue MLS Ryan Santee  
2003 (16U) Blue USL George Margiotis 
2003 (16U) White TBA 
2002 (17U) Burgundy Dave Crutchfield 
2002 (17U) Blue Christian McArthur  
2001/2000 (18U/19U) Burgundy Dave Crutchfield 
2001/2000 (18U/19U) Blue TBA 
2010/2011 (8U/9U) 
Youth Academy G
 Emily McMillan  
2009 (10U) 
Youth Academy G
 Emily McMillan  
2009 Grey G (play 11U) Emily McMillan  
2008 Grey G (play 12U)   TBA
2008 (11U) Burgundy G Cory Munro 
2008 (11U) Blue G John Long 
2008 (11U) White G Garrett Linquist  
2007 (12U) Grey G  Garrett Linquist  
2007 (12U) Burgundy G Emily McMillan 
2007 (12U) Blue G Garrett Linquist  
2007 (12U) White G John Long 
2007 (12U) Gold G TBA
2006 (13U) Burgundy G Neil Roberts 
2006 (13U) Blue G Cory Munro 
2006 (13U) White G Erin Lykon
2005 (14U) Burgundy G Neil Roberts
2005 (14U) Blue G Liam Shannon
2005 (14U) White Rob Farr
2005 (14U) Gold Mucho Muchonka
2004 (15U) Burgundy G Kalla Stark 
2004 (15U) Blue G John Long 
2004 (15U) White G Christine Fail
2003 (16U) Burgundy G Kalla Stark 
2003 (16U) Blue G David Crutchfield
2002 (17U) Burgundy G David Crutchfield
2002 (17U) Blue G Robb Bolar
2001/2000 (18U/19U) Burgundy G Michael Johnson 
2001/2000 (18U/19U) Blue G Kalla Stark 

Communication Protocol

It is the Club's hope that a clear communication protocol will provide the Club's members a standardized mechanism for voicing their questions and concerns. The Carolina Rapids Board and Executive Director believe that to effectively operate an organization that is growing like the Rapids, it is important that the Club establish communication protocols that best support the efficiency of the organization while retaining the personal touch that our members deserve.

Any parent who has a specific concern should first make an attempt to solve it through the following paths (boys' & girls' paths below):