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Supplemental Try out Information

Did you miss tryouts but are still interested in joining one of our teams?  Email the appropriate Director listed below to learn about any open roster spots!

Gaston Program
For boys, please email Efrain Tirado at 
For girls, please email Jeff Phillips at

Steele Creek Program
For boys, please email Efrain Tirado at  
For girls, please email Jeff Phillips at


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Steele Creek Coaching Staff for 2018-2019

West Director - Neil Orridge -

Coaching staff for Steele Creek
TeamLevel of PlayCoach
2010/2011 (8U/9U) Youth Academy  Kenny Jaramillo
Demetrius Watson
2009 (10U) Youth Academy Kenny Jaramillo
Dee Watson
2008 (11U) W Burgundy  Neil Orridge
Swende Oliver
2007 (12U) W Burgundy  Romano Paul
2005 (14U) W Burgundy Jared Russ
Braulio Vasquez
2004 (15U) W Burgundy  Darius Neering
2002 (17U) W Burgundy  Romano Paul 
2011/2010 (8U/9U) Youth Academy G Emmanuel Kaye
Luis Rueda
2009 (10U) Youth Academy G  Emmanuel Kaye
Luis Rueda
2007 (12U) W Burgundy G Efrain Tirado
2005 (14U) W Burgundy G  Neil Orridge
Swende Oliver
2002 (17U) W Burgundy G   Romano Paul

Gaston County Coaching Staff for 2018-2019

West Director - Neil Orridge

Coaching staff for Gaston County

 TeamLevel of PlayCoach
2011/2010 (8U/9U) Youth Academy Efrain Tirado
Craig Meglii
Jeremy Webb
2009 (10U) Youth Academy  Efrain Tirado
Craig Meglii
Jeremy Webb
2008 (11U) W Burgundy  John Kelly
Kim Tenold
2008 (11U) W Blue  Darius Neering 
2007 (12U) W Burgundy Efrain Tirado
2006 (13U) W Burgundy Vincent Bofah
2005 (14U) W Burgundy Jeff Phillips/Coley Campbell
2004 (15U) W Burgundy Jonas Richardson 
2004 (15U) W Blue Rich Lewandowski
2003 (16U) W Burgundy Joel Webb
2003 (16U) W Blue Dave Shearer
2002 (17U) W Burgundy Jonny Hoover
2001/2000 (18U/19U) W Burgundy Jason Shiflet
2011/2010 (8U/9U) Youth Academy G Jeff Phillips
Karis Hoover
Hannah Siders
2009 (10U) Youth Academy G Jeff Phillips
Karis Hoover
Hannah Siders
2008 (11U) W Burgundy G Justin Hauck
2007 (12U) W Burgundy G Rich Lewandowski
2007 (12U) W Blue G  CR Melvin
2006 (13U) W Burgundy G Jeff Phillips
2006 (13U) W Blue G Sarah Voigt
2005 (14U) W Burgundy G Jonny Hoover
2004 (15U) W Burgundy G Jonny Hoover
2004 (15U) W Blue G Dave Shearer
2003 (16U) W Burgundy G Rich Lewandowski
2001/2000 (18U/19U) W Burgundy G Sarah Voigt

Welcome to the Rapids!

Carolina Rapids appoint Directors/Head Coaches for its Rapids West Program
May 3, 2018
Key hires bring experience, knowledge of area

Read full press release here!

Carolina Rapids add West location serving the Belmont, Steele Creek and  Gaston Communities. 
April 23, 2018
Former Rapids coach Neil Orridge to serve as director

Read full press release here!

See the schedule for other informational meetings and learn more about the Rapids tryouts here.


Interested in learning more about the Boys DA or the Boys ECNL?  Check out their pages for information about the programs.

Boys DA

Communication Protocol

It is the Club's hope that a clear communication protocol will provide the Club's members a standardized mechanism for voicing their questions and concerns. The Carolina Rapids Board and Executive Director believe that to effectively operate an organization that is growing like the Rapids, it is important that the Club establish communication protocols that best support the efficiency of the organization while retaining the personal touch that our members deserve.

Any parent who has a specific concern should first make an attempt to solve it through the following path: