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2017-2018 Coaching Staff

This page is a work in progress as we are still finalizing next year's coaching staff! It will be updated regularly as information becomes available. Thanks for your patience as we work to build out the full list of all teams!

Huntersville/Cornelius/Davidson Teams:
2009 (9U) Youth AcademyJohn Tart
Lee Catchpole
Alec Goettl
Spencer Morton
Ty Haddock
2009 (9U) Youth AcademyEmily McMillan
Brad Garrett
Maddy Smieja
Carolyn Huddy
2008 (10U)Youth AcademyBob Dubiel
Jarrad Miah
Ben Parker
Nico Ghislain
2008 (10U) Youth AcademyDevon Bissell
Brittany Qualkenbush
Chris Huddy
2007 (11U) Pre DAJohn Tart2007 (11U) Burgundy GRay Fumo
2007 (11U) BurgundyJackson Carneiro2007 (11U) Blue GEmily McMillan
2007 (11U) BlueMuchonka Masiyiwa
2007 (11U) White GKatie Gallagher
2007 (11U) WhiteMuchonka Masiyiwa
2007 (11U) Gold GBrittany Downs
2007 (11U)GoldPhil Carey
2007 (11U) GreyKalla Stark
2006 (12U) Pre DATy Haddock2006 (12U) Burgundy G
Emily McMillan
2006 (12U) Burgundy MLSEfrain Tirado
2006 (12U) Blue G
Cory Munro
2006 (12U) Burgundy USLColin Gibson
2006 (12U) White GCydney Niedermeyer
2006 (12U) Blue
Spencer Morton
2006 (12U) Gold G
Robert Farr
2006 (12U) White
Ryan Santee
2006 (12U) Silver G
Brittany Downs
2006 (12U) Gold
Phil Carey
2005 (13U) Burgundy G
Erin Lykon
2005 (13U) Burgundy
Rupert de los Reyes
2005 (13U) Blue G
Megan Roberson
2005 (13U) Blue
Efrain Tirado2005 (13U) White G
Robert Farr
2005 (13U) White
Ryan Santee
2004 (14U) Burgundy GNeil Roberts
2004 (14U) Burgundy
Efrain Tirado
2004 (14U) Blue G
Katie Hadley
2004 (14U) Blue
Rupert de los Reyes
2004 (14U) White G
Cory Munro
2004 (14U) WhiteDavid Crutchfield2004 (14U) Gold G
Munchonka Masiyiwa
2004 (14U) Gold
Ryan Santee
2003 (15U) Burgundy G
Neil Roberts
2003 (15U) Burgundy
Bobby Rosario
2003 (15U) Blue G
David Crutchfield
2003 (15U) Blue MLS
Cazimer Rafalik
2003 (15U) White G
Ray Fumo
2003 (15U) Blue USL
Christian McArthur
2003 Spring Team
Kalla Stark
2003 (15U) White MLS
George Margiotis
2002 (16U) Burgundy G
Kalla Stark
2003 (15U) MS
Ty Haddock
2002 (16U) Blue G
Katie Hadley
2002 (16U) Burgundy
Ty Haddock
2002 (16U) White G
David Crutchfield
2002 (16U) Blue
David Crutchfield
2001 (17U) Burgundy G
Kalla Stark
2001 (17U) Burgundy
Rupert de los Reyes
2001 (17U) Blue G
Carrie Dail(Maxwell)
2001 (17U) Blue
Cazimer Rafalik
2000/1999 (18/19U) Burgundy G
Michael Johnson
2001 (17U) White
Robert Farr
2000/1999 (18/19U) Blue G
David Crutchfield
2000 (18U) Burgundy
Bobby Rosario
2000/1999 (18/19U) White G
Christine Fail
2000 (18U) Blue
David Crutchfield

*The fall season Boys 15U team will play in the NCYSA league, will participate in two tournaments and will train 2x per week.  This team is for 2002 players that would like to play club soccer during the fall season.  Due to birth year changes, this age group has players that are in both High School and Middle School.  This team gives them the opportunity to play full year soccer during this transitional year. This team will not affect team placement (Burgundy/Blue/White) for the spring senior boys' season.  After TSPs are complete, more information will be shared regarding the forming of this fall-only team.

South Charlotte Teams:
TeamCoach   TeamCoach
2009/2008 (10U) Youth AcademyCarlos Martinez  2006 (12U) Burgundy South GStephen Roe 
2007 (11U) Burgundy SouthCarlos Martinez  2005 (13U) Burgundy South G 
2006 (12U) Burgundy South   2004 (14U) Burgundy South G  
2005 (13U) Burgundy SouthStephen Roe   2003 (15U) Burgundy South G  
2003 (15U) Burgundy South
Nathan Williams 
  2003 (15U) Blue South G Stephen Roe 
2003 (15U) Blue SouthCarlos Martinez
  2002 (16U) Burgundy South G  

Cabarrus Teams:
Boys   Girls 
TeamCoach  TeamCoach
2007 (11U) Burgundy Cab James McCulloch   2007 (11U) Burgundy Cab G Liam Shannon 
2006 (12U) Burgundy Cab Pattrik Linthakhan   2006 (12U) Burgundy Cab G Liam Shannon 
2005 (13U) Burgundy Cab David Canfield     

Denver Teams:
Team Coach
2009/2008 (10U) Youth Academy Denver Nikita Nikolaev
2007 (11U) Burgundy Denver JP Uribe 

Directors and Coaches

Recreational Program (includes Hunt/Corn/Dav, Denver, and Adult League)
Keith Poston
Colin Gibson

Boys Competitive Program
Director, Kevin Flanagan
Boys Youth Academy -
U11-U12 -  Jeff Bilyk
U13-U14 - Jeff Bilyk
U15+ - Bobby Rosario

Girls Competitive Program
Girls Director of Coaching Ray Fumo
U15-U18/19 Kalla Stark
U11-U12  Emily McMillan
Youth Academy Emily McMillan

Girls ECNL
Nathan Williams

US Development Academy

Director, Kevin Flanagan
U12 DA - Jeff Bilyk
U14 DA - Greg Dalby
U18 DA - Jeff Bilyk
Craig Conger

Scott Schweitzer

Jeremy Weeks

Executive Director
Thomas Finlay

South Charlotte Program
Edmund Walker
Pat White

Cabarrus County Program
Liam Shannon